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shawn egan on proton radio: serendipity

tuesday feb 3rd 2009 Please tune into the monthly radio show, SERENDIPITY on Proton Radio.
This month, the show is featuring SHAWN EGAN of Nashville as the guest dj! Tune in for two hours of awesomeness from Shawn as he makes his debut the my show.
Past guests have included Eddie Richards, Stryke, Jay Tripwire, Little Mike, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Habersham, Madoka, Kriece, Atnarko, plus fellow Diagnostik boys Mike Bradley + Richard Evans and many more!
For those subscribed to proton onDemand, this set will be available to listen to at your lesiure.
Thank you for your continued support of Proton Radio. :)
Hope you enjoy the mix! we will post a download link after the show airs !!!!

**Shawn Egan - February Promo**
d'julz - fluerette - circus company
actor one - end time - bloop recordings
kabale and liebe - disco bzrk - 100% pure
jin choi - close to the heart - archipel
joel mull - chonchon - saved recods
johnny D - manipulation - oslo
kyaro - vortices - crazy larry remix - fade records
kris - adventures in jax - unfound sound
Soul Clap - AOT - surprise INTL guest mix -Itzamna
ty tek+crazy larry - airplane - crazy larry twisted airphone mix - phrunky
sebastian bouchet - Flash - bar25
supermayer - HEY ! - kompakt
spacewhitey - italian stallion outro sample
Kris - stereophonic sound - unfound sound
booka shade - sweet lies - matthias tanzmann remix - get physical
silicone sould - the pulse - darkroom dubs
italoboyz - body & soul - blind minded's afrogenic remix - trapez
soul clap - AOT - nice n ripe dub - Itzamna
deadbeat - grounation berghain drum jack - wagon repair
markojux and stewart mckeown - uluroo - unfound sound
christian martin - elephant fight- justin martin's jungle remix-Katabatic
channel x - crank - kassette
einzelkind - out with a bang - Kindisch Records
Yann Tiersen & Jay Haze - Comptine d'un autre été: l'après-midi - tuning spork
supermayer - don't let the sun catch you crying - kompakt
roman flugel - wave goodbye - klang


From Disco in New York, to House in Chicago, to Techno in Detroit, the United States have been at the forefront of the worldwide dance music scene for almost four decades. While European and Latin American sounds have dominated recent productions, the re-emergence of the stateside underground electronic music scene makes this a perfect time to refocus on the country where it all began.
Economic pressure and mainstream ignorance challenging U.S artists trying to gain wide exposure has pushed many of the finest artists from The States’ and labels to go to Europe and Latin America. Nevertheless, today - possibly more than ever - the U.S scene is pushing towards headlining a global revival. With international artists, promoters and label owners settling in cities like New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, Portland and even Boston, the U.S is growing importance to international electronic music lovers. For Extraction U.S we have carefully compiled this new generation of artists on the rise: Artists who have gained exposure for their exceptional music or performances but whose full potential has not yet been recognized by the international community. In some respects many of these artists shaping their local communities are hidden gems - until now.
After making you wait and a lot of hype, Extraction US is making its way to your local record shop. The compilation has gathered the US' finest emerging artists from Alland Byallo, J.Phlip, Lunatik, Elon and Soul Clap, to Nicolas Jaar, Marcel Wave (aka Tanner Ross), Stefny, Pat Fontes and Crazy Larry, they have all proven that the US scene has a lot to contribute. For more details about the compilation and a few previews, check this out.

1. MARCEL WAVE - Kiwi Sunrise - 6:11
2. PAT FONTES - ill lillies - 6:51
3. CONSTAR - Red Hot - 6:11
4. ALLAND BYALLO - Never Listen - 6:19
5. SOUL CLAP - Astroturfing - 7:52
6. CRAZY LARRY Backyard Juggling - 7:52
7. LUNATIK - Randy - 6:02
8. J.PHLIP - One Billion Organisms - 7:02
9. ELON - Ashes to Matches - 6:16
10. STEFNY - Breathe - 6:22
11. NICOLAS JAAR - Deleuze’s Will - 6:29

more info here

[Igloo Pop 02]
Shadi Megallaa : Lost & Unfound
Release date: 22 Feb 2009 - exclusive beatport

Shadi Megallaa, the avant-garde space alien clone spy, hooked up with Igloo Pop label chef Dilo during a mission on Planet Earth. Recharging his nuclear powered batteries somewhere near Cairo, this third dimension encounter of the third kind which escalates into a full-blown underwater ghost rave, culminated in a wild humping on the back seat of grand mum’s car: Meghallaa as well as his alter ego Lucky Luke were born.
Well, that’s how it was, or could have been. Only a few things are certain: his first terrestrial music love was progressive, his first 12” was edited on Kenneth Broxgaard’s Danish Tic Tac Toe imprint, his last EP “Giza Visa” auf Dilek was pure Arabian brain sex, his first breath was taken in Cairo, and who still thinks all of this sounds cryptic should thoroughly study the latest two outings of this exceptional talent that is Megallaa who sometimes surfaces in the US and sometimes in the direct vicinity of Swiss criss crank man Michal Ho.
Impossible to categorize, the two first ever Megallaa long players, “Reflections of Light”, released under the moniker, and “Lost & Unfound” on the Argentinean imprint Igloo and Igloo Pop, will cause a stir amongst followers and freaks alike: living and conjuring crazy sound collages in his city Abu Dhabi, the real slim Shadi combines abstract sounds with organic voice samples (or vice versa: real instrumentations with deconstructed voices), and creates the most melodic, sound-laden, ambient, sometimes even brute and freaked out sampledelic atmospheres that play tricks on your hash-cookied mind whilst the body cannot resist the movement inducing, micro-mutant tabla sounds.
Danceable cosmic highlights like the Elephant Pixel (Dilo himself in his boombastic IDM guise) collaborations that are always peeping onto the floor while confusing the left brain hemisphere, the collab with Hunny Bunny and Argentine super maniac Seph, and two guest appearances of Michal Ho make this album a true sure shot for those who want to go beyond the tried-and-tested formula that seems to be the set standard delivered with programs like Ableton and Traktor.
Cool grooves that resonate the air of “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” (“Under The Bridge”), a micro-maniacal cracker, or jazzy swing vibes (“Jupiter Jazz Club”) sit next to starkly contrasting outings that take the legacy of Plaid and Vangelis into the unknown outta space. Hard to decipher, some of the tracks banged out by Shadi’s completely nuts alter ego Lucky Luke activate the lower body parts, especially if you are familiar and in love with the trucking micro club style propagated by label man Dilo and his Igloo which is world famed for his experimental ambient and IDM outings. Tune in, drop, space out.

Lost & Unfound Paranoiac Fear Not The Mic (feat. Michal Ho) Rain E.T. Phone Home (feat. STD) 3.14159 Under The Bridge Choci Magic (feat. Seph & Hunny Bunny) Tings’n’Tings (feat. Michal Ho) The Kittycat Conspiracy (feat. Elephant Pixel) Jupiter Jazz Club One For My Baby (feat. Shadi’s Elastic Ghost Band) At Your Mercy Close Your Eyes (feat. Lucky Luke & Elephant Pixel) Lost & Found (feat. Hunny Bunny & Elephant Pixel) Hidden Track: The Little Walk (feat. Elephant Pixel)

For more info check:

PSYK - The Phant EP - Konstructure 003

Release Date: Feb 06, 2009 Beatport

Konstructure is proud to release this first deep pulsating EP from PSYK, a newcomer to the minimal scene whose very first track appeared on Minus for the "Sounds of Can Elles" Comipilation in November 2008 and who remained in the top 10 on Beatport's minimal chart for months. Given the quality tracks represented on this release we are sure this young talented producer from Madrid is here to stay.

Support from:
Richie Hawitn, Dustin Zahn, Joel Alter and Click Box.
Listen at:

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