Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jan Kruger dj set from Dayshift [portland] 5/31/2009

owner of hello?repeat Jan Kruger posted this one up for our listening pleasure. deep deep house and dub techno records filled with groovy lines and funky twists and turns with a few oddball classics peppered in for good measure. this mix is overall fantastic and will not disappoint those with a taste for the deepness. jan was nice enough to let us repost on the blog......please enjoy !!!

Jackson from Memphis !!!

We at Konstructure are proud to present Jackson Lee's debut release. Two minimal techno tracks with infectious vocals, gritty synths and dirty beats. Born and bred in Arkansas, and now five years deep living in the heat and humidity of Memphis, Jackson is as southern as the muddy Mississippi River.

Digital and limited vinyl release.
Vinyl at Juno, Decks, Deejay and Halcyon.

A. Mugwump Jism
B. Three Wheel Motion

Release Date
Vinyl: June 8, 2009
Digital: June 16, 2009
Listen Now At: www.konstructure.com

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

mikael stavostrand LIVE at fabric

mikael was nice enough to share this live recording from his recent set at fabric in london. born in sweden and now based in LA, mikael has been pushing techno sounds further and further with his unique style and full on disregard for formula. his discog is impressive and boasts numerous groundbreaking releases as well as an impressive list of collabs and releases on many influential labels. his label sunset diskos also pushes the envelope for what will make people dance. with releases from agaric, pheek, franco cinelli and more sunset diskos' records are turning up in record bags world wide.

so, please see below for the direct link to download mikaels recent live set from fabric in london !!! ENJOY !!!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

shawn's electronic music festival mix 2009

put this one together so I could have some tunes to travel with on my way to my favorite festival this side of the pond, DEMF. see below for tracklist and download link, the mix is in a zip file and tracked out for your ipods and cd's. E N J O Y !!!

1. INTRO with pieces of tracks below
3 channels - its getting kinda hectic - riley bleeding hand remix
doudou malicious- noisetoy - what will i do without her
shadi megalla - the little walk feat elephant pixel
2. itzone - azul magico
3. crazy larry - thats what she said
4. sweet n candy - wierd hole
5. seuil - copsheen
6. Jan Hendez - slopestyle
7. seph and pablo denegri - obsure - bruno pronsato mix
8. john napier - soaked mushroom
9. octave - first moves
10. kriece - zombie funk - martin eyerer remix
11. frank martiniq - adriano - michael mayer remix
12. swat squad - paul ritch - natural gun
13. quenem/lee van dowski - dude bond 334 - dario zenker remix
14. soul clap - instafix
15. roska - gone to a better place
16. paul kalkbrenner - bengang -
17. anothony collins and brother vibe - vibe raw vibes
18. dirty roms - they will eat you - fase music sender old skull remix
19. daniel dreier / lee jones - a man - marco resmann remix
20. oliver $ - whatcha gonna do
21. hennon- tirem