Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sounds from can elles : richie hawtin dj mag mix featuring a new Minus release from oliver dodd

nashville's oliver dodd has been selected by richie hawtin as one of the artists featured on the new dj mag cover mix. richie wanted to highlight a handful of producers who have been getting play in his dj sets but may not have a lot of released work out there. many of the tracks selected for this mix were released on minus yesterday. check it out on beatport here: sounds from can elles.
here is the note from minus:
Dear members - we’re very happy to exclusively present you the Richie Hawtin dj-mix “Sounds from Can Elles”, which will come out with newest issue of the DjMag magazine, available after October 29th.
We hope you enjoy it!
Your Minus team

download the mix here.
gernot lance - resistance
ryoh mitomi - Watch your step
oliver dodd - nervous part2
psyk - clown
octave - past flash
jobdoy - spades for minds
gary beck - consumed
marco dassi - varese ist leer(minicoolboyz remix)
luciano le biham & exequiel brandan - flying
antonio pocas - 14-12
jorge savoretti - you taste better than danger
larsson - ability to jump
ken kenichiro - 4AM
joel alter - spektrolit
sebastian russel - you freak

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shadi Megalla's creepy crawly mix

trick or treat sucka
01-DOP - Town To Town [Milnormodern]
02-Swayzak - Sk [Airbag Craftworks]
03-Dash Dude - Revenge Of The Nerd [Morris Audio]
04-D. Diggler - Senso [Resopal]
05-Kenneth Graham & Gahl Sasson - Children Of The Light [Nexus]
06-The Coastal Commision - Bring Down The Walls [Pacific Coast House]
07-Lee Curtiss - Over The Influence [Dumb-unit]
08-The Flaws Feat. Mc Chick-a-boo - Freek (Ewan Pearson Remix) [Bitches Brew]
09-Dilo - Existence [Unsigned]
10-Michael Jackson - Thriller [Epic]
11-Jorge Savoretti - Aquarius [Igloo-digital]

thanks for the mix shadi!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

berlin calling

Directed by Hanes Stoehr and starring Paul Kalkbrenner as DJ icarus. Berlin Calling is a melodramatic tragic comedy set in the world’s most recognizable and bustling hub of dance music activity today. would love to see this film as it has garnered a very positive reaction from the toronto filim fest and the few premeirs around europe. the locarno premeir featured a packed outdoor town square viewing in which the crowd was so excited, kalkbrenner broke out his laptop and performed after the film ended and got the crowd going even more. more importanty the soundtrack is also composed by kalkbrenner and has a very nice feel from start to finnish. there are quite a few noteworthy tracks withing the soundtrack, including my favorite Square 1. check out the soundtrack at beatport.
can't wait for this to either come to a theater near me or get a dvd copy once released.

interview with hanes stoehr on beatportal

deadbeat artist album : Roots and WIre on wagon repair

Deadbeat is scott monteith, a long time montrealer and recent berlin ex-pat who has been releasing his own special blend of dub laden, minimal electronics since 2000, for labels such as cynosure, musique risquée, scape, and spectral to name but a few. his work has been met with consistent critical acclaim from the industry’s leading publications, and drawn regular performance invitations for some of the world’s most respected festivals and clubs, including barcelona’s sonar, berlin’s transmediale, and montreal’s mutek alongside panorama bar, fabric and the like. his eagerly anticipated new album sees him continue his relationship with kindred spirits wagon repair in his own inimitable techno/dub/dancehall/house style. those familiar with deadbeat’s last album, which felt much more a collection of tracks, will be immediately struck by roots and wire’s larger cohesive narrative arc after thex first listen. the album is aesthetically informed by his longterm collaborative friendship with robert henke (monolake), the creative relationship with wagon repair, the close proximity of his fellow artists in berlin and the opportunity to collaborate with paul st hilaire (tikiman). it is no surprise that an album of such vast scope be largely inspired by the artist’s own transition from montreal based producer releasing on berlin label ~scape for 5 years, to berlin based producer releasing on a canadian label. an uncanny logic is present throughout, weaving a fluid narrative from disparate influences and styles. opener ‘rise again’ is the first of two collaborations with tikiman, whose beautiful rasta lament is supported by a huge bass sound. in recording all of the virtual instruments through mic’d speakers as one would do with a real band, he’s given the track a distinctly ‘live’ feel that is a thematic element of all the tracks on the album. the sense of space and breathing room tone this recording process produces also makes the bass sound even larger than it already is.

A1 Rise Again
A2 Roots And Wire
B1 Grounation - Berghain Drum Jack
B2 Xberg Ghosts
C1 Deep Structure
C2 Night Stepping
D1 Sun People - Dub Divisionaire
D2 Babylon Correction go buy it here:

raresh @ spazio 900

would love to know the name of this track.....please comment the ID if you know it !!! raresh from romania, tearing up floors everywhere he goes. he pedro and rahdoo make up ar:pia:r.

check the vid:

Sunday, October 19, 2008


download direct mikeal stavostrand - spaceflake - sounderground sis - dim dim - cecille oliver dodd - black stone - konstructure johnny d - soleil - orig - safari electronic florian kruse - love hurts - catz n dogs emo clubbing remix - OM efdemin - further back - dial daniel stefanik -groovesome - original - milnomodern records sis- maui waui- amused records click box - bass Tilt - minus superpitcher vs. the conga sound - say im your number 1 - kompakt schallplatten sascha funke - mango cookie - dj koze pink moon remix - bpitch control


label boss oliver dodd has big plans for the new label with some big releases already in the works for 08 and a full plate for 09. oliver kicks the label off with a rampage into the deep dubby world of minimal. techno dance floor vibes that will make you shake your ass are now available at fine record stores near you and available 10/21 at beatport, and now at the shop on the konstructure web page big support from many of the usual suspects. check the web page for upcoming news updates. also see links below......... konstructureSPACE JUNO ROCORDS sign up for the membership list at the right on the main menu bar and get a free promo only track here !!!!! PUNCTURE my favorite track on the release is called black stone. check out the sample below. SAMPLE