Sunday, July 27, 2008

INSIDEOUT (Clink Recordings, NYC)

Grant Aaron, aka Insideout, is co-owner of and recording artist on Clink Recordings. Grant began DJing in 1997, mainly influenced by the striped down minimal sounds of Daniel Bell,Plastikman and Mike Ink. It didn't take long for those influences to persuade him to move from behind the decks to the studio. His first original sounds came in the form of Ambient and Experimental with a full length album titled, Embrace. This was released on his co-created multimedia net label, Lifeform Project, which he started with several producers from his hometown of Atlanta, but that was just the beginning. With the International response and success of the net label, Grant realized his personal longing to progress his musical ideas even further. He relocated to Brooklyn, New York, and teamed up with close friend, DJ and producer, Camea. Clink Recordings was born in the Fall of 2005. They have since released a catalogue of very successful solo and collaborative EP's from NY artists Afternoon Coffee Boys, Tim Xavier, Tony Rohr, Camea, Insideout, Ambivalent and Elon. His collaborative debut with Camea, Nothing Shocking/Azimuth (Clink 002), was a hit and played by artists such as Richie Hawtin, Magda and Adam Beyer. As a solo artist, Grant's production combines the influences of modern minimal techno and the basic fundamentals of this genre: intricate percussive programming, dark atmospherics and an irresistible cavernous bounce. In recent years, Grant has meticulously created a following and demand for his deep, conceptually minimal DJ sets. He rotates regular gigs in South America, North America and Europe, and is a New York after-hours favorite. An avid music collector, Grant is consistent and explores the new trends and sounds within this genre, and it is guaranteed he will always have the latest and greatest ideas embedded within his performances. His live and dj shows are an array of influences and keep the floor moving from start to finish. BYOB $5 and Ladies FREE Before 10 The Hanger

Thursday, July 3, 2008

do nice - mixed by shawn e july 2008

download here
spacewhitey's dirty 88 intro
H.O.S.H. & Stimming - milkyway dynamic music
bruno pronsato - why can't we be like us - hello? repeat
bluepulp - 3113 - pertin_nce
skylark - saved (massi dl's today is groovey remix) - saved records
martin heyder _ love will tear us apart (orig) - veritas
skylark - escalator - matt trolfrey and inxec's swings and roundabouts remix - saved
matthias schaffhaeuser - knurrpause (carola pisaturo remix) - holy pause
rhythm code - Rise feat simone denney - Popof remix - rising trax
alexi delano - antioxidation - leftroom
danielle papini - church of nonsense - alchemy records
christian smith john selway - total departure (cirez D) - drumcode
oliver dodd - this space
supermayer - two of us - kompakt
burning spear - submerge
pantha du prince - saturn strobe - dial

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

anja and barclay tear the roof off @ sonar

looks like this was a blast !!! if I find the set I will post it up.