Friday, January 25, 2008


here's a little mix I put together for your ears. it's an 1 hour 8 min ride through minimal techno house and the like. i made it with 1 cdj 1000, one technics turntable, ableton live 7, and an efx 1000. it was mixed live in one take, no post edits at all. it is a mix of some of my new favorites and a few older tracks I dug up for fun. please enjoy and feel free to shake it.

efdmin april fools - dial
oliver dodd - the calling - addon
italoboyz zinga drama dub - get physical
camea - voiding the fill - clink
amir - handless - piemontremix - bodymusic
swat squat and stewart walker - perfecting theories stewmix - pulsewith
seth troxler RAVE LOOT a1 crosson likes poo (lee Curtiss likes it too remix) - esperanza
terry - full pressure
plasmik - eight to nine (Anja Schnieder - table dance remix )Connaisseur
Lee Curtiss - trip to the woodshed - dumbunit
Stewart McKeown - boozer - unfoundsound
x-press 2 - i want you back - skint
lee burridge and steve porter - dirty panty ho wrestler - almost annon

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hope you dig


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bill Patrick RA mix

One-third of the New York's Robots collaborative, Bill Patrick put this mix together for RA a while back. The trio formed in New York in 2003, the members' common denominator an obsessive interest in twisted, mind-bending techno and house. Patrick was a resident DJ at Arc, mainly performing warm-up duties, when he met founding member Nick AC, a UK transplant. Disappointed with the general apathy of clubgoers toward New York's dance parties, the two founded Robots in part to reignite the scene and simultaneously indulge their fetish for electronic music.

see Bills own comments from a post on the RA forum where he shares the tracklist and some of the inspiration for the mix:

this mix could have pretty much been taken from a set of mine at Robots. I understand people may hear similar sounds from past podcast but its all a matter of interpretation. I am drawn to the more melodic sounds of techno with warm funkier basslines that chug along. Everyone before me did a fantastic job and there's definitely pressure to put together something that stands out a bit. So hopefully i was able to accomplish that. If not, it's ok cus i love each and evry track on this mix and thank the artist like franco, george s, and alphahouse for supplying me with some great music.
here's a peak at the TL...

done live with two decks, two cdj's, one allen & heath xone 92, a pack of parliments, one vitamin water, and no computers

franco cinelli "minerales" we are robots
louderbach "selling souls" underline
subway "leopards" sunday best
skat "in mind" karat
ame "basic track" sonar kollektiv
baby ford & zip "vacuum cleaner" perlon
canson "double click" handheld
motor "4" audio nl
junion "bong rip" junion
texture "registry ep" (camea remix) klickhaus
jorge savoretti aka george s "phi connection" telegraph
miskate "espirit" (bruno pronsato remix) alphahouse
apoll "alpine deluxe" tongut
duplex "autosug" clone
unknown "unknown" cdr
locodice "seeing through shadows" m_nus

hope u like it. i don't.
-bill patrick
-posted by shawn

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Featured Mix: The Lady Foursquare "Hollerback" (recorded 2005)

An emerging voice at the vanguard of house, electro and techno, the Lady Foursquare's production work as The Riveter has put her work in the sets of luminaries ranging from Felix da Housecat to Donald Glaude, Bear Who?, and many more. In 2006 she migrated to Chicago and turned her full focus toward the music industry. Now working solo and with Angel Alanis, The Lady Foursquare has flowered as a producer, having been most recently selected to rework the upcoming Funk Monkeys release, "Remember the Time" alongside Sebastien Leger and Billy Dallesandro. She also appeared as a remixer for Punisher’s “K.O.” on the Uppercut label. With five releases in 2007, including a remix for the Dust Traxx Chicago Re-Edit's series, and many more slated for 2008, nothing is slowing down. Her work with her Backbreaker imprint appears on the popular Source compilations next to names such as the aforementioned Sebastien Leger, Paul Woolford and the Soundshift label. The Lady Foursquare was known first as a DJ, with inimitable aggressive technical flare, incredible energy and turntablist trickery. She quickly found praise from a wide range of artists, opening for Felix da Housecat (Rude Photo), Matthew Dear (Ghostly International/Minus), DJ Skribble (Bad Boy), Paul Johnson (Dust Traxx Chicago), Nigel Richards (611 Records) and Derek Plaslaiko (Spectral Recordings). In 2003, her reputation as a top regional touring DJ and the popularity of her widely distributed turntablist house DJ mixes led her to represent UFO Jeans for the United States in a 2003 tour. Her mix "Let Me Show You Love" was downloaded over 10,000 times and will shortly be met with a follow up "Let Me Show You Love II: I Love Haters" in 2008, featuring much new and unreleased material of her own. In addition to her production and remix work, you can also find the Lady on the road (occasionally tagging with Angel Alanis) and in her new home of Chicago where she's rocking crowds alongside acts such as Motor and Dirtybird. In her spare time she A+R's two labels and serves as the director for the GrooveMedia Group, which controls the digital catalogs of hundreds of top artists and labels on Groovesource. As a result of her professional work, she was chosen to speak on two panels for the 2007 Winter Music Conference on the topics of digital distribution and the online dance market with other representatives from Ghostly International, Perfecto and AOL. She has recently made waves with a critically-acclaimed remix of DJ Pierre's "Tha Dance," now available on Beatport.

Though we normally give you your fix of techno and minimal mixes, we wanted to give you a dose of The Lady Foursquare's now classic (and widely distributed) mix, "Hollerback," which mixes Chicago house classics with modern electrohouse and tech-house and a few deeper house delicacies with just a touch of techno for good measure, displaying Foursquare's raw energetic talent and impeccable ear for funky flavor. She'll be visiting Nashville for this upcoming edition of BERLIN on February 2, 2008.

Click here to download this now classic Midwest mixset.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008


In just a short time, Camea has gone from being one of the few lonely souls pushing the minimal and micro-house sound in the United States to one of the matrons and ambassadors of its phenomenal wave around the globe. She runs two of minimal techno's top labels, Clink & Klickhaus, and works along side many of techno's hottest voices today, among them Tony Rohr, Tim Xavier, Elon, Insideout, Matthew Dear, Alexi Delano, Pan-Pot, and Ambivalent (with whom she shares one of online's hippest radio shows covering the gamut of minimal techno today, The Nerd Tank). Her sound has been described as "Seattle cool meets Brooklyn edge...a funky-sexy blend of groovy house and techno-pop, a little bit dirty and a lot danceable" (DJ List) and certainly she has managed to garner a wide ear for a new techno sound, making it hip and giving it a starlet in the process. A classically trained piano and clarinet player, her productions have been featured on her own Clink and Klickhaus labels, as well as Spectral and LTD400 (w/ Tim Xavier), and her remixes are also featured on M_nus, Tora Tora Tora and Einmaleins.

Though she has recently moved to Berlin, she has made a distinct mark on the "new" New York techno scene, playing at the best parties and venues there, among them Avalon, Cielo, Wolf & Lamb, Bunker, APT, Minimoo and Crobar. She will be touring the U.S. again soon, but has upcoming performances in cities around the globe, including Bogota, Rome, Stuttgart, Zurich, Brussels and Berlin.

You can check out her Summer Meet Winter Mix 2007 by clicking here.

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

BERLIN - Saturday February 2, 2008

Party Pics From Habersham Jan 5

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This just the first small batch check back for more soon.

Label Spotlight - Bpitch control

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Bpitch control has been introducing diversity to the club society of berlin since 1997. in the mean time there is no halt within the republic's borders. the label, created by ellen allien, tries to split the technoid-electronic microcosmos of the capital city with the function of being a platform for upcoming artists. berlin is growing from the important role as one of the cities where techno has been at home the most for the last 10 years. bpitch control puts this consequently into practice and leaves its unmistakable marks on techno, hence "made in berlin". musically bpitch control is not only defined by techno, it is a wide concept including self-organized parties on a regular basis, an open content label, visual implementation, and the successful move to keep the material conditions of production under own direction. bpitch control considers itself a channel where the collective is the priority and the ideas of every individual have space. reflection about the sound can become a mirror to the city of berlin. acoustically bpitch control romps about in the vast plane of electronic music - just don't get stuck on one style.

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Post made by Pete Kay