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in 1975 jeff was produced by his parents in warsaw poland, but moved to sweden in 1981 and lives since then in malmoe sweden. jeff who was formerly called mike pung has been involved in electronic music since 1992 but it all began as a bedroom thing that has since then evolved into a habit. he started creating music in 1993 and got hooked on it directly, but it took until 1998 before his first single was to come out on his own label maskros music. since that single he has released 19 singles and has released on labels like poker flat, episode, treibstoff, audio beyond, konvex konkav etc. in 1994 he and a partner opened a record store called cosmic one records that became the first electronic record store in malmoe. with the opening of the record store the dj career got a boost and he started playing on various venues. a year after the store was opened jeff & his record store partner jim groovy started making their own one-off parties and clubs in various sizes. his latest residency was in a house club called thank god it's friday were he played almost every friday for over a year. in 1996 jeff & jim started their first label azurite records. jeff started his own label maskros music in 1998. and the year 2000 two new labels called phunctional & kung fu dub were started by jeff. his musical influences came from detroit. people like derrick may, juan atkins & kevin saunderson, but also from richie hawtin's label plus 8 and the artist there like speedy j, kenny larkin etc. europe also had a big impact on him with artists like stefan roberts, 808 state, klf, dreadzone, terry lee brown junior, tikiman & labels like plastic city, svek, circulation, early network releases + many more. also a lot of reggae & dub artist like augustus pablo, lee perry, mad professor, andy horace, king tubby + many more.

-found on discogs
a recent mix from his website

01: Jeff Bennett - Sediment (Jori Hulkkonen Remix) Kung Fu dub

02: Ryo Murakami - Rise (Bangana Remix) - Dessous

03: Martin Skogehall - Penguino - RailYard

04: Solomun - Deadman - FourTwenty

05: Steve Bug - Cru Sauvage - Poker Flat

06: Sebastian roya - Chicocensillo (Luca bacchetti remix) - Meerstief

07: Jeff Bennett - Interference - King Fu

08: Applescal - Johnapunkt - Manual Music

09: Kaliber Feat Elodie - Is This For 1 - Toolroom Trax

10: Zahn - Black Roses (Staffan Linzatti remix) - Material

11: Jeff Bennett - Carbon Coat (Kriece Remix) - Kung Fu Dub
listen........ JEFF BENNETT IN THE MIX DECEMBER 2007 posted by shawn e

Friday, December 28, 2007

Featured Mix: Frankie Vega "Live Wrong" (recorded live in Miami 2006)

After nearly 15 years DJing and working for Chicago record store Hot Jams, Frankie Vega now heads record labels like Blueline (Techno, Acid, Minimal and Electro label), Uppercut (Dance Floor Techno label), Ammo Recordings (Hard driving house label), Ghetto Test (currently Chicago's only Existing ghetto/booty tech label), and is Assistant Director of Dust Traxx. Daily, he manages distribution for 35 exclusive record labels (that belong to Joey Beltram, Felix Da House Cat, Angel Alanis, Johnny Fiasco and other fine recording artists). As Marketing and Distribution Director for Sole Unlimited North America, Frankie is an infectious force spreading awareness of artists, record releases and putting their music on the shelves of record stores and in the hands of DJs. When the sun goes down, Frankie Vega and partners host signature club and ball room events such as IN YOUR SYSTEM, BOTS, BIG BANG SESSIONS and other brands through promotion company Majestic Night Life.

This "Live Wrong" mix was taken from the Live Wrong party at last year's WMC in Miami. Frankie will be a featured panelist again at this year's conference, so expect to see him DJing and popping in at parties around Miami. Frankie also has a new promotional mix "Everybody aboard the Megabus" out on (signup to download). On that mix, Frankie covers a lot of ground, highlighting a few of Sole Unlimited's own distributed releases along with a few more tunes for our listening pleasure, taking us on a trip from deep minimal to banging funk, and back again.

Click here to download "Live Wrong".

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Troy Pierce & Gaiser interview

Gaiser, "I make music"
Tony, "In America nobody cares about soccer"

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Taken from resident advisor:
Born in 1978, Luciano is a DJ since 1993 and a producer since 1997. In the mid-90's, he was promoting Sense Club and Encuentros con la Technocultura in Santiago de Chile in the company of many initiators of the Latin American electronic music scene: Senor Coconut AKA Atom Heart, Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack & brother Adrian Schopf, Washington Miranda, Argenix Brito, Microman etc.

He's played radio stations and DJed clubs & events in Santiago and Latin America, Germany, Spain & Holland, settling in Switzerland in 2000 to release on Mental Groove Records in Geneva, where he also holds a residency at the Weetamix club. His releases appear on the Transmat, Perlon, Lo-Fi Stereo, Bruchstuecke and Klang Elektronik record labels.

Luciano's mixed Swiss & Chilean identity shows in his music, a somewhat mystical blend of deep techno & electro that integrates southern elements in rhythms and colorful patterns in sound. His collaborations with Ricardo Villalobos (Playhouse, Perlon, Warp, Force Inc etc.) as Sense Club are especially rewarding, as is his partnership with Pier Bucci and Argenix Brito as Monne Automne.

Mellowing his style as times goes by, getting more experimental and spacey with a fresh style of his own, Luciano's production is destined to the wiser dancefloors that have enjoyed his live sets in Peru, Chile, Argentina, the U.S., Spain, Germany & Switzerland. DJ-wise, Luciano's trade relies on groovy & minimal.

website :


video interview :

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Berlin's own Oliver Dodd has released the track "The Calling" for Addon Record's "Built To Complete (Part 2)", this 12" compilation is out now alongside tracks from Frankie Vega, Dietrich Schoenemann, and Tony Rohr. This is the precursor to Oliver's EP coming out on Addon early next year.

Check it out at:

ARTIST SHOWCASE: Dave Powers aka Cyborg K

Cyborg K, aka David Powers, is a forward thinking and innovative producer and DJ. Born in Zaragoza, Spain, David grew up in Michigan and programmed his first drum machine at the age of 11. A self taught jazz musician, he was playing jazz professionally by the age of 15, and went on to receive training in music composition and classical piano. His sound has been inspired by musicians as wide ranging as John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk, Mozart, John Cage, Prince, and Kraftwerk.

In 1999 and 2000, now known as Cyborg K, David got his first taste of the high of playing dirty Detroit warehouse raves. These underground parties turned his love of techno music into an insatiable passion. During this time, he played all-hardware live PA's alongside techno pioneers such as Adam X, Dan Bell, and Oliver Ho. He also began honing his studio skills and mastering analog synthesizers.

Looking for a way to travel the world, David ventured onto a cruise ship line to perform on piano throughout the Caribbean. Driven to continue creating techno, his cabin became a chamber of creation as he made his first leaps into digital production. He continued to refine his sound, and also began branching out from techno into minimal, house, and electro.

Cyborg K has begun to spawn releases and remixes on forward-thinking labels such as the Punisher's Hej imprint, Addon, and Blazaebla. He is clearly a DJ and producer taking techno into the next era.


Remembering the Future (Volatl Promo Mix, Jan 2007)
Live at Tronic Treatment, DEMF 2007

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eulberg DEC chart

Dominik Eulberg was born 1978 in Westerwald, Germany. He now lives in Bonn. There he is studying biology and geography and sometimes works as a nationalpark ranger. His music and his live is linked very close with nature.

Silent Breed – Sync Inc (Butch Remix) (AFU limited)
Scratch Massive РLike you said (Chloé Remix) (Chateaurouge)
Reboot – Be tougher (Cadenza)
Dettmann / Klock – Places like this (Ostgut Ton)
Joel Mull – Harmonautic String (Cocoon)
Jens Zimmermann – Hey Freak (Treibstoff)
STL – I'm backwards (Something)
Max Cavalerra – Der Weg zur Sonne (Karmarouge)
Quantec – Crescent Moon (Echocord)
Niconé РPlesna Dvorana (Force Tracks)

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italian stallionz

the italoboyz are tearing up dance floors everywhere. the sounds they produce are quirky and superbly unique. Italoboyz releases appeared on some of today’s most influential minimal house/techno labels [Einmaleins Musik, Treibstoff, and Safari Electronique] and made a strong impression on the scene in 2006. i play their tracks almost everytime I mix (at home or live). so, when I came across this set from Kama Kama (camaiore, Italy),I was fairly excited. after I listened I had to share because this set is the heat. looks and sounds like it was a sick night.......wish I could have been there !!! look....... listen........ this set is friggin wicked posted by shawn e

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ARTIST SHOWCASE: Michelle Herrmann

Hailing from Detroit, Michelle Herrmann, a.k.a. techno legend Punisher, is an uncompromising artist and truly gifted producer. From her career's onset in 1993 at only 15 years old, Michelle has set a precedent of raising the bar high for all things Punisher through flawless productions and floor burning dj and live performances. Very early in her career, it became apparent that simply djing would not be enough to contain Michelle's artistic creativity and prowess. In 1996 and 1997, within two years of her first turn on the tables, Punisher put out her first two 12 inch EPs on Detroit based label Matrix records. Seeking to push forth the concepts of sound and motion, in 1998 Michelle and Mike Brickner, a.k.a. Cozmic Spore, launched the seminal Detroit label, Seismic Records. The label quickly gained much international and critical respect and collaboration from many world renowned djs and producers. Seismic has seen releases from the likes of the Advent, Bryan Zentz, and Andrei Morant and collaborations with legendary Vapourspace producer Mark Gage. Through licensing by the likes of Dave Clarke and Bill Nasty, Seismic developed into a strong international techno label. Michelle musical energy is currently being propelled into her newest undertaking, the founding of a new label, HEJ RECORDS (, with Matt Caputo, a.k.a. the Overfiend. Hej was founded with a unique vision 'to make a mark in the evolution of musical energy'. Hej will see its premiere EP releases in 2007, with Michelle's track 'Hejiling' as the first track. The label will put forth a huge onslaught of both vinyl and net tracks from a wide range of International and Midwestern talent. Punisher's music has also landed her guest dj spots on several radio stations, including world giant XM Satellite Radio. 2007 will culminate for Michelle with the release of her first ever full-length album of original tracks. To back the momentum of her constant stream of releases, Punisher travels the world djing and performing her masterful live sets. Her sound, a unique blend of techno, electro, and her first style drum n' bass, has resonated on dance floors from the United States to Canada, Europe and Latin America. Michelle has literally pummeled walls of sound alongside artists such as Joel Mull, Cari Lekebusch, Marco Carola, Ben Sims, Adam Beyer, Misstress Barbara, Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, Derrick May, T-1000, Gaetano Parisio, and many others. Through expression of her art, both touring and producing, Punisher is continuing to assert her dominance in the techno realm.


punisher- you're killin' me link to juno:

punisher- chaos theory:

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Label Spotlight - Minus Records

One of the most respected and looked at label in the minimal techno community would be Richie Hawtin's "Minus" techno label. It is the home to Hawtin himself, Magda, Heartthrob, Berg Nixon, Marc Houle, Troy Pierce, Ambivalent, JLPS, Gaiser and a select cut of others. Based as much now in Berlin as it is in Windsor Ontario, Minus continues to release the most uncompromising and future forward techno the world has to offer.
A new generation of fresh artists from around the globe and various influential labels such as Minus have shaken techno to its very foundations, questioning the essence of sound and rhythm, twisting it into a sonic spectacle of colliding clicks and bleeps, infectious basslines and hypnotic melodies all firmly layered on the universal language of the four to the floor beat.
All through electronic music's history, minimalism has played a seminal role in defining the basic structures and rhythms that have captivated so many people and will continue to do so. But never so much as today have the basic ingredients of techno attracted so much attention worldwide.
Pioneered by techno illuminaries such as Robert Hood, Richie Hawtin or Daniel Bell, minimal techno has evolved into a musical force of its own and Minus continues to push the boundaries and blow up dancefloors.

JPLS - FUCKSHUFFLE [MINUS057] Add to My Profile More Videos
V.A. - EXPANSION contraction [MINUS058] Add to My Profile More Videos

Check out the Minus webpage for more music, info and videos at:
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Born in Chile, raised in Sweden, and living in Brooklyn, Alexi Delano's background and consequently, his musical tastes, are as cosmopolitan as you'll find. Also appearing as A.D. 1010 or ADNY on his productions, Delano made his stellar debut on Cari Lekebusch's Hybrid label and has since produced a lengthy discography on such labels as Missile, Steve Bug's imprint Raw Elements, Plumphouse, Svek, Harthouse, Tora Tora Tora, Trusoul, CSM, Moody, Syndicato, Laurent Garnier's F Communications, Jericho, Primevil, Christian Smith's Strive and Tronic labels, Earthtones, Plastic City, Audiomatique, Chris Fortier's Fade label, and his own ADLtd. He is the consummate collaborator, having worked with Cari Lekebusch, Jesper Dahlback, Adam Beyer, Casey Hogan, Tony Rohr, Lucas Rodenbush, John Selway, Tim Taylor and Santiago Ferrer aka Xpansul. Though his productions are very diverse, he is most well known for his cultivation of a new acid sound and for tracks with swirling pitch-sweeping samples that start deep but build into a frantic frenzy.

Here are a couple samples of his work:

Input Quantize
Brooklyn Social
Lost 4 Words
Wanna Be Bad
Formula Humo
Cosmic Antipathy

You can check out his new work at his Myspace page. He's currently touring Europe with performances slated for London, Madrid, Frankfurt, and Fuse in Belgium.

Some videos:

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Get a lobotomy

The origins of modern psychosurgery are to be found in the last decades of the 19th century, when science was beginning to understand how the human mind and behavior could be mapped out into the anatomical features of the brain. A German scientist named Friederich Golz, doing experiments with the surgical ablation of neocortex in dogs, reported in 1890 that when the temporal lobe were removed, animals were more tame and calmer than the unoperated ones. This inspired Gottlieb Burkhardt, a physician and supervisor of an insane asylum in Switzerland, to perform in 1892 an operation to remove parts of the cortex of six schizophrenic patients which had hallucinations and became very agitated because of this. Some of his patients actually became calmer after the surgery, but we don't know whether this was a direct effect of the surgery (two of them died). Burkhardt was opposed and criticised by the medical authorities of his time, so that very few psychosurgeries of this kind were carried out in the next 40 years or so. The situation changed again when several experimental laboratories in the USA started to make amazing discoveries about the role of the temporal and frontal cortex in the control of emotional behavior and aggressiveness. In Yale University, in 1935, a scientist named Carlyle Jacobsen made observations on the behavior of chimpanzees after damaging their frontal and prefrontal cortex by means of a lobotomy ( "lobe cutting"). One of the animals, who was aggressive in certain situations before the surgery, became very calm and manageable. This happened without apparent loss of other mental functions such as memory and intelligence. One of Yale's experimental neurologists. Dr. John Fulton had also removed completely the frontal lobes of two chimpanzees, hereafter he was unable to provoke a form of experimental neurosis in these animals. Because of this Fulton was to become one of the scientific pillars of the proponents of lobotomy in the United States.

it is also a wicked label based out of Miami. host to a sweet list of talent, you should def check the tuens out. the discog offers a wide selection of quality tunes. here are a few of my favorites on this label.

Habersham - SOng of the liZard - fine cut bodies remix addictech sample

Rob Dowell -I could be Wrong - speculum is infallible mix addictech sample

Phil K and Lance Musgrove - Lost Sunday - Kriece remix addictech sample

check them out here: LOBOTOMY

buy em here: addictech Beatport

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BERLIN - Saturday January 5th, 2008


Habersham - Lobotomy Records, ATL
Richard Evans - Diagnostikmusic, ATL
Oliver Dodd
DJ Woody
John Napier
Pete Kay
Shawn Egan

Saturday January 5th, 2008
11 - 3 am -- Minimal / Techno
Kazu 209 10th Ave S Nashville
$7 - $5 reduced admission when
you signup for the mailing list at:

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Axshun Jaxson

this dude is one of my favorites right now. he has a vast taste in musical sounds but seems to bring it all back a love of the stripped back and groove laden sounds of minimalistic electronic music and techno. he is coming strong with a new release which is a 4 track mini lp of BOMBS. he has a grasp on what it takes to move a floor as a dj, as well as a hand in other facets of the industry such as promoting, label management, and producing music with the worlds best. jaxon can be found in many record boxes all over the world, including dj emerson, italoboyz, ricardo villalobos.

check out the Dipshit mini LP on Tonsport germany (FRESH OFF THE PRESS dec third release!)
dipshit orig

and DAMN is this one a stomper - I cant get enough of this track !
Boudin Smakka

check him out on myspace

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Party Pics From Dec 1st

Check out the slideshow here
Lobotomy Records, ATL
Habersham has achieved more in a handful of years than most hope toachieve in a lifetime: he's played in over 19 cities worldwide, fromAustralia to Turkey, Budapest to Amsterdam, throughout the States,Mexico and Central America; he has over 30 releases under his belt onlabels such as Audio Therapy, Global Underground, Proton, and his ownBlueprint & Lobotomy imprints; his music has been featured on over 10of the world's most prestigious compilations & mix CDs such asRenaissance (x3), Global Underground, Bedrock Breaks (x2),Distinctive's Y4K, Balance, et al. And in 2005 he recorded 2exclusive radio mixes for both Annie Nightingale's BBC 1 and JohnDigweed's 'Transitions' shows as well as numerous mixes aired oninternational radio shows in Germany, Turkey, Hungary, Australia'sJJJ, and throughout America.2007 saw the return of Habersham to John Digweed's Transitions showwith another stunning guest mix, receiving some of the best praiseKissFM UK has ever had.Atlanta's most coveted weekly newspaper, 'Creative Loafing' named himthe "Critic's Pick Best Local Electronic Act" for 2007.Now he's getting his hands dirty with technology ? filthy dirty. He'snot only creating music that tears down boundaries, but he's dabblingwith creating full original visual and other sensory stimulation.Habersham is shedding the limitations of turntables and CDJs, movingtowards a completely unique live performance incorporating variousmedia forms into his live show.Some listeners have described his music as subtle, twistedunderground technological music. Some say it's a bit too 'weird.'Others cannot even find the words to describe his taste, and this iswhat makes him most proud. Perhaps the greatest of compliments iswhen an artist cannot be labeled or boxed in, which explains whyDamian Lazarus, James Holden, Pig & Dan, Phil K, Lee Burridge, JamesZabiela, Dave Seaman, Nic Fanciulli, Ozgur Can and even Slam giveheavy rotation to his selections.


A few sample tracks:
Parallel realities

Habersham will be at Berlin January 5, 2008

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Opening Night

Thank you from all of us at Berlin Minimal Nightlife to every one who came out last night. It was a great party and we cant wait to do it again! We will have Party Pics up soon. Will also be announcing the next party in a few days.